sábado, 12 de marzo de 2016


Hello, today I'm going to write about my tellegami project. This project consists in record a video. In this video you must not talk much about your life: Where are you live? Which is your hobby? How old are you?...
I speak about my life, I say something like that:
Hello, my name is Helena, I live in the town of Malaga, I am twelve years old, my hobby is funky, I like the horses, I am happy, my teacher is Aurora and  she is a good person.

This is the video.

My opinion about his project is that has been very interesting, because record a video explain your life is funny.

1 comentario:

  1. Good effort, Helena.
    Your English is correct although there are some things you can improve. For example:
    - You say: "must not talk much about your life" What do you mean?
    - Remember: where DO you live?
    - I like horses > Do not use THE if you speak about ALL horses in general.
    - Use VERB+ing when the action is the subject, for example: RECORDING a video is funny.

    Good idea to embed your video and show how you speak in English. What about enlarging the image so that it looks nicer?